After-Hours Solutions in Southern California

Never Leave Your Business Vulnerable Again

What good is the best CCTV equipment and monitoring services if that’s where it ends? As a business owner, if there is the potential that your company is at risk of intruders, fire, or natural disaster, it is enough to keep you up at night and less than productive during the day. Rest comfortably knowing that PSA has got you covered. In addition to armed patrol, CCTV installation and monitoring, we also offer 24-hour alarm response and after-hours dispatch. We respond to any alarm within minutes to assess or secure the scene. If the event is minor, our security guards can handle the situation and, if need be, alert you. If it’s something beyond our wheelhouse, we can assess the situation and contact the proper authorities and you. By the time you arrive, the threat is mitigated.

If you are in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California, and would like to learn more about our after-hours dispatch services, call now.

Our professional 24-hour dispatchers provide:

  • Immediate Alarm Response
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Security Guard Response
  • Vehicle Patrol Response
  • Overnight Security Guards
  • Controlled Access Entry

          What to Hire PSA 24-Hour Dispatch For


          Alarm Response


          On-Site Assistance

          EMT 2.png

          First Responder


          Uniformed Security Services

          Surveillance 2.png

          CCTV Monitoring


          Perimeter/Controlled-Access Breach Response

          How Our After-Hours Dispatch Service Protects Your Business

          Protective Service Agency is Southern California’s most reliable security company, and we never sleep. Beyond roving patrol and on-site uniformed security guards, we offer after-hours dispatch services to take your security to the next level. Whether you simply have an alarm system and security cameras, or you have overnight patrol guards, our after-hours dispatch service supplements and enhances the security. Our uniformed security officers can communicate from any location to our central command center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event that one of our stationed security officers is in need of assistance, our central command has the ability to send the necessary backup right away. We can dispatch a mobile patrol officer’s unit to any scene to investigate the situation as well as provide additional support and protection to the security officer on site. In the event that your property has been broken into, our uniformed security officers can engage and detain any criminals while they alert the necessary authorities.

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          The Protection and Response You Deserve

          The experienced staff at Protective Security Services will work with you to establish a predetermined plan for processing a disaster plan and dispatching help. Following your protocols, we will know exactly who to contact in accordance with each specific situation encountered. First responders and local law enforcement, such as police, fire, and EMS services, will be alerted immediately, keeping response time at a minimum.

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          Businesses We Serve

          At PSA, we serve any and all businesses who want our help, but we specialize in high-risk businesses and business events where security is a concern. Industries we serve include:

          • Commercial Buildings
          • Retail Stores
          • Construction Sites
          • Entertainment Sites
          • Gated/Residential Communities
          • Parking Facilities
          • Colleges & Universities
          • Hospitals-Healthcare-Senior Living Facilities
          • Hotel Security Service
          • Warehouses/Factories
          • Restaurants
          • Business events

                  Get Immediate Response With After-Hours Dispatch

                  At Protective Service Agency, our mission is to protect the businesses of Los Angeles. Before you have to call 911, hire our 24-hour dispatch services to respond immediately in your time of need. We are proud to compliment LAPD with preventative and first response methods to control the scene long before EMS is called. For reaction you can count on, connect with our talented team today.


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