PSA is able to provide security and safety to all types of business

Founded in 2016, the Protective Service Agency serves clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. We are run by owner Shelby Benjamin, who is also our Chief Instructor. We believe that even the most basic security measures have the power to save lives, so we offer everything from vehicle security patrols to CPR certification. We’re all about keeping people safe and healthy!

Our Team

Led by Shelby Benjamin, we provide turnkey security services to commercial clients. We also provide service to individuals if needed. Our elite capabilities range from executive protection to firearms training. Because a majority of our staff are former Emergency Medical Technicians, they can provide precious care in the moments between an event and the arrival of first responders. Once emergency staff show up, we easily That’s why we call ourselves “first” first responders.


We are always looking for driven individuals with a passion for public safety. Thanks to our complete training services, we can equip our team members to thrive. We also provide extra training on a consistent basis to keep our team sharp. If you want to make a difference when it counts the most, you might be a good fit for the Protective Service Agency.


We stay at the forefront of security technology and remain a significant provider of protective services. We are in constant communication with our clients and provide a level of customer care that is unmatched by other security providers. Our hotlines are open to speak with dispatchers who will provide you with answers and swift response you need at any time, day or night.

Call PSA today at (800) 940-8994 to request a quote for Security Patrols and Uniformed Officers available On-Demand!

Every client is important to us, no matter how large or small your business is Each client can look forward to the following protective benefits at no extra cost:

Access to our Client Portal, allowing you to view Officers' reports and patrols in real-time

We liaise with police and city emergency responders directly in regards to your property

Initial physical security survey of your property

Detailed and frequent visits to your property conducted by supervising officers

Monthly reports describing any recent incident, recommendations for additional security measures, pertinent updates to the client, and more

Consult with our management team, ask questions and voice concerns 24/7 with our hotline, or schedule a meeting for your convenience and we will come to you.


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