Exposed Firearm Course

2-Day Training in Southern California

Learn to Exercise Deadly Force

As a security guard in Los Angeles, you may find it necessary to be armed. Our Exposed Firearm Course course includes classroom training that will teach you the legal and moral duties of using deadly force in addition to the basics of proper firearms handling, shooting fundamentals and emergency procedures. The training also includes range training that will allow you to practice safe gun handling and provide shooting experience. Not only will you be BSIS certified, but you’ll feel more confident in your position.

If you are in Los Angeles or the surrounding Southern California area, and would like to become an armed uniformed security guard, call now.


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Alarm Agent

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Private Investigator

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Private Patrol Operator

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Alarm Company Operator

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic technical aspects and legal responsibilities

  • Carrying a firearm

  • De-escalation of potentially violent situations

  • Knowledge of and maintaining the parts of a firearm

  • How to handle a weapon

  • Experience of firing a weapon

    How Our Exposed Firearm Course Helps Prepare You

    If you’re looking to attain additional certification to elevate your career, get the training you need from experienced professionals. At Protective Service Agency, we offer training that helps security guards protect themselves and those they serve. Here are just a few other reasons our Exposed Firearm course in LA can help better prepare you.

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    Learn How To Carry

    Whether you’re a seasoned Veteran or new to firearms, our courses can prepare you to carry confidently and offer insight on the differences between carrying personally and professionally.

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    Know When To Fire

    Reacting with deadly force should be a last resort, and when you take our course, you’ll be better equipped to avoid firing, but know when it’s the best option.

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    Understand Legal Responsibilities

    Carrying a weapon and using deadly force are big responsibilities that can have very serious legal ramifications. Learn all the moral and legal responsibilities that come along with exposed carry.

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    Avoid Criminal Prosecution

    To prevent criminal prosecution and avoid jail time, you should be armed with all the knowledge required to ensure a good draw or shooting. We can help.

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    Career Progression

    Go from security officer to armed guard when you are BSIS certified for exposed firearm carry. Let us help you elevate your career.

    Exposed Firearm Certification Requirements:

    • Be at least 21-years of age.

    • Hold a current and active Security Guard Registration Card or proof of completion of Part 1 training.

    • Complete a 14-hour course (8 hours classroom, 6 hours range).

    • Pass the written and range exams.

    • Pass the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16pf) Assessment.

    • Be a United States citizen or have permanent legal alien status; and

    • Submit a firearm permit application, pay the application fee, and submit a Live Scan form.

            Only $150 Upfront!

            • Course Fee: $150 (this is the up-front cost paid to us to begin training in the program, all other fees to be paid later)
            • Shooting Range Fee: $16
            • Application Fee: $100
            • Livescan Fee: $87 + site fee* (DOJ/FBI Background check *site fee varies by Livescan Site)
            • PSI Evaluation: $60
            • Firearm Rental and Ammunition: $65 (no charge for this if students use their own firearm and ammunition)

            Approximately $500 total for all fees

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