Guard Card - Power to Arrest

Security Guard Training in Southern California

Become a Legitimate Security Guard

The first step to getting your Guard Card is to complete a Power to Arrest course from a BSIS-certified training authority. The Power to Arrest course is an 8-hour course that ends with a written exam. Once you complete the Guard Card - Power to Arrest course, you'll be issued a certificate of completion and the forms required to complete the LiveScan Fingerprints. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a certified California security guard.

If you are in Los Angeles or the surrounding Southern California area, and would like to earn your Guard Card, call now. We offer Power to Arrest in addition to other required Guard Card Courses.

How Training Is Administered







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Practical Exersice



What you’ll learn:

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Observation Techniques

  • Authority and Liability

  • Understanding Body Language

  • Deescalation

  • Inspections and Searches

  • Arrestable Offenses

  • Private Person's Arrest

  • Reporting Arrests

    Earning Your Guard Card

    If you’re looking to attain additional certification to elevate your career, get the training you need from experienced professionals. At Protective Service Agency, we offer training that allows you to become a licensed security guard with the power to arrest.

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    With authority comes responsibility. The main reason that training is required prior to becoming licensed is so you fully understand the responsibility you are undertaking and how to use your authority to make those around you safer. The responsibilities of a Guard Card holder are guided by ethics, laws, and roles. You’ll learn legal responsibilities and liabilities in addition to arrestable offenses.

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    Limitations and Restrictions

    To avoid criminal charges and civil liabilities you and your employer should clearly understand the limitations on a security guard’s power to arrest and restrictions on search and seizures. You’ll learn how to support local law enforcement while exercising your own authority.

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    Communication and Relationships

    You’ll learn how to interact with local law enforcement and file reports about your observations and arrests. The importance of establishing positive relationships with local law enforcement agencies cannot be understated.

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    Emergency Response

    In addition to exercising the power to arrest, you’ll learn how to respond in emergency situations, including deescalation and response to medical emergencies. You’ll be prepared to respond in nearly every situation.

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