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Professional Immediate Responder Training in Southern California

When Seconds Count - You’ll Be Ready

Hemorrhagic shock and resulting death can happen in a matter of minutes — long before backup arrives. When a heart stops beating or a person stops breathing, the difference in the outcome depends on what happens in the first two minutes. As an immediate responder, you’ll undoubtedly encounter a medical situation at some point in your career and you want to be ready to save a life. The California Stop The Bleed course helps non-medical professionals deploy emergency lifesaving techniques in the heat of the moment and the American Heart Association’s Heartsaver CPR/AED teaches you basic lifesaving skills that may mean the difference between life and death.

If you are in Los Angeles or the surrounding Southern California area, and would like to take a lifesaver medical course, call now.

We Will Teach You How To:

  • Control Minor Bleeds

  • Respond to Gunshot Wounds

  • Stop Massive Hemorrhages

  • Protect Yourself

  • Perform Chest Compressions

  • Administer Rescue Breaths

  • Deliver Effective CPR

  • Apply an AED and Deliver Shocks

  • Integrate With First Responders

          Be The Difference Between Life and Death

          An active shooter situation may result in deadly wounds that can be fatal in less than three minutes. In L.A., the average response times of ambulances is six minutes, with many being closer to 10 minutes. As the minutes pass, the likelihood of survival for a bleeding victim dwindles. If there is an active hemorrhage, your attempts at CPR and keeping a heart beating will be fruitless. Get the training you need to effectively control a deadly situation and save a life.

          Our Stop The Bleed course will teach you how to react in an emergency situation and control hemorrhages. With CPR/AED training, you’ll know how to react when you can’t find a pulse. You’ll be armed with the skills and knowledge to keep a victim alive until EMS can arrive. Get the best training that Southern California has to offer when you register with Protective Service Agency.

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          Assault Victim

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          Empowering you to help in an emergency before medical help arrives.

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