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Anti-Theft Solutions For Southern California Businesses

Don’t Let Your Profits Walk Out Your Doors

Thousands of dollars of revenue are lost in shoplifting and shrinkage in the American retail industry every day. Loss prevention takes on many forms including CCTV monitoring, uniformed security patrol, and undercover shoppers, among others. When you take loss prevention seriously, you send a message to customers and employees that you are not an easy target. When you combine all the efforts Protective Service Agency offers SoCal’s businesses, you can rest easy knowing that your profits are protected.

If you are in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California, and would like to learn more about our uniformed officer services, call now.

Our professional loss prevention officers provide:

  • Property Surveillance

  • Business Security

  • Uniformed Security Guards

  • Workplace Security

  • CCTV Installation and Monitoring

  • Criminal Apprehension

  • After-Hours Dispatch

Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security Officers Protect


Retail Stores




Office Buildings


Storage Facilities


Wares Transport


Plazas and Malls

How Our Loss Prevention Officers Can Help Your Business

When you manage a retail business, no matter the size, you are always at risk for looters and those looking to swipe your wares. With profit margins shrinking and prices rising, loss prevention is a full time job. When you attempt to manage shoplifting and internal shrinkage yourself, the rest of your business (and your peace of mind) is sacrificed. Let the loss prevention services at Protective Service Agency help.

At PSA, our loss prevention officers are trained and proficient in matters of observation and reporting, taking corrective action to thwart escalating situations, and respond to active shoplifting. All of our officers have active guard cards and exposed firearm permits to patrol and apprehend threats.

Benefits of Hiring a Loss Prevention Security Officer

Before a theft occurs, the mere presence of a loss prevention security officer can help reduce the instance of loss to begin with and lets your employees and the public know that you take security seriously.

Protect against external threats including shoplifting and organized crime with posted loss prevention officers, CCTV cameras, and undercover or plain-clothed security officers. At PSA, all of our guards are able to intervene and apprehend would-be criminals and work closely with LAPD.

Protect against internal threats including shoplifting, fraud, embezzlement, return fraud, skimming, and counterfeiting. Loss prevention guards posted at retail stores are trained to observe employees, look for suspicious activities, and monitor employee behavior when working with a cash register or inventory.

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How We Protect Those We Serve

  • Supervise customer activities for possible theft.
  • Respond to reports of suspicious activity and investigate claims.
  • Develop and maintain records of apprehensions, disposition and evidence.
  • Provide assistance for internal investigations.
  • Attend and testify in court hearings.
  • Maintain order in heightened security threats.
  • Protective duties to ensure guests and team members’ safety and security of property.
  • Respond to after-hours alarms and breach of access control.
  • Respond to all emergency conditions including threats to life or property.

Discover Peace of Mind — Partner With Protective Service Agency

At Protective Service Agency, our mission is to protect the retail businesses of Los Angeles from internal and external theft and security threats. Take a proactive approach and let others know that you take security seriously by hiring uniformed loss prevention officers. Reduce loss and stop criminals in their tracks when you hire the firm that has guard cards and right to apprehend. We are proud to compliment LAPD with first response methods that control the scene long before dispatch is called. For loss prevention you can count on, connect with our skilled team today.

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