guard card modules i to IIi- course fee: $110

40-hour course: all Initial Guard Card training required to get and maintain California guard card

The Power to Arrest Modules I to III Course is the 40-hour required course to apply for and maintain a Guard Card to work as a Security Officer in California. You will receive a high quality educational experience from knowledgeable instructors. Our interactive approach keeps students engaged in learning and provides them with valuable and potentially lifesaving skills. We make sure you will be prepared to enter the industry with a thorough understanding of the law and the limitations of Security Officers. Guard Cards must remain valid and in possession in order for Firearm Permits and Baton Permits to be valid. Any person working as a Security Officer, Loss Prevention Agent, Executive Protection Officer, or any other security capacity must retain a valid Guard Card. This class includes all modules and training requiring within six months of issuance of your Guard Card.


B.S.I.S. Fees (paid online or mailed to B.S.I.S.): Initial application fee - $50    Renewal application fee $35

DOJ/FBI Fingerprint Processing Fee (paid at LiveScan Site): $49

LiveScan fees and rolling fees are also paid to the LiveScan site. Expect a $10-$20 rolling fee at LiveScan sites in addition to total* (differs at every LiveScan site)

Total: $219-229* including Course Fee

(Course Fee is $110, other fees due to B.S.I.S)

Topics to be covered include:

A. Powers to Arrest
B. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) & Terrorism Awareness     
A. Public Relations (Community & Customer)     
B. Observation & Documentation     
C. Communication and its Significance     
D. Liability / Legal Aspects     
III. ELECTIVE COURSES: these courses may be taken at any certified training facility to be coutned
A. Post Orders & Assignments     
B. Employer Policies / Orientation     
C. Evacuation Procedures     
D. Officer Safety     
E. Arrests, Search & Seizure (more advanced than PTA course
F. Access Control     
G. Trespass     
H. Laws, Codes, Regulations and Ordinances     
I. First Aid / CPR     
J. Handling Difficult People     
K. Work Place Violence     
L. Chemical Agents     
M. Preserving the Incident Scene     
N. Crowd Control     
O. Driver Safety     
P. Supervision      
Q. Courtroom Demeanor     
R. Parking / Traffic Control     
S. Radio Procedures     
T. BSIS's Certified Course in Firearms Training     
U. BSIS's Certified Course in Baton Training     
V. School Security Guard Training
W. Introduction to Executive Protection     
X. Annual Firearms Requalification     
Y. Fire Safety Course     
Z. Course in the Use of a Stun Gun or Air Taser