Guard Card - Power To Arrest


Guard Card - Power To Arrest


8-hour course: Initial Guard Card Training required to get your California Guard Card from B.S.I.S. to find employment as a Security Officer

The Power to Arrest Course is the 8-hour required course to apply for a Guard Card to work as a Security Officer in California. You will receive a high quality educational experience from knowledgeable instructors. Our interactive approach keeps students engaged in learning and provides them with valuable and potentially lifesaving skills. We make sure you will be prepared to enter the industry with a thorough understanding of the law and the limitations of Security Officers.

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8-hours Guard Card - Power to Arrest Training
Please call (310) 433-3251 to schedule your training date and for information


  1. Roles and Responsibilities

  2. Relations with Local Police

  3. Observation and Report Writing

  4. Authority to Question

  5. Inspections

  6. Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities

  7. Factors to Consider Before Making an Arrest

  8. Arrestable Offenses

  9. Private Person’s Arrest

  10. Making an Arrest

  11. Searching the Suspect

  12. Merchant’s Privilege Search

  13. After the Arrest

  14. Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

  15. Professional Conduct