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Comprehensive Security Services in Los Angeles

Protective Service Agency offers a comprehensive suite of security services for the greater Los Angeles area. Our agency provides turnkey security service for commercial clients, protecting businesses, properties, persons, events, and more.

Hiring a security officer or patrol officer from PSA Security gives your commercial site a higher sense of security, faster response time for emergencies, improved surveillance capabilities, and much more. If you need security services in Los Angeles or anywhere else in Southern California, don’t wait — call Protective Service Agency today.

Security services we offer:

  • Property Surveillance — Our security officers are trained to see threats and suppress them quickly and effectively, before they become a problem. Our security guards are all trained and experienced with surveillance technology, maximizing the effectiveness of your security systems.
  • Business Security — Keeping your customers, employees, and property protected from crimes such as theft is important for many businesses. Hiring a security guard is a time-tested way of protecting your business from both internal and external threats.
  • Personal Security — Get round-the-clock security for high-risk individuals to help deter crime, increase safety, and get peace of mind.
  • Mobile Patrol — Protective Service Agency specializes in marked vehicle patrols. Our patrols have been proven to reduce crime and allow our patrol officers to be on site quickly in emergency situations. Our marked vehicle patrols are one of the most powerful ways we can ensure a high-degree of responsiveness to our customers’ needs and help keep your business thriving.
  • Event Security — We can provide you with uniformed officers to help manage events. From parties to corporate meetings — you name it, and we can help keep your event safe and secure.
  • Industrial Security — Protective Service Agency can help protect construction sites, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and more.

          What to Hire PSA Security Guard For

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          Deterring Crime

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          Patrolling a Location

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          Responding to Emergencies

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          Preventing Security Issues

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          The PSA Difference

          • One thing that makes Protective Security Agency’s officers unique is that most of us are former Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and have the experience and skills to provide precious care after a medical emergency occurs and before the arrival of first responders. That’s why we call ourselves “first” first responders. PSA officers are there not only to help protect your business, but also to help save lives.

          • Learn More About Who We Are

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          What Can a Security Officer Do for You?

          Security officers have many different responsibilities. The public perception is that security guards are exclusively about preventing crime, and, while that is absolutely a key part of the job and the value of hiring a security officer, we wear many more hats than that. Our security officers can provide other services, including:

          • Patrolling the properties by vehicle or on foot
            • Monitoring CCTV cameras and alarm systems
              • Acting as “first” first responders
              • Controlling who can access your property
              • Responding to a wide variety of emergencies
              • Detaining criminals

              Taking action to prevent vandalism, theft, fire, and all other types of illegal activities

              Overview of Our Security Services

              In more detail, here is what we here at Protective Service Agency have to offer our Southern California clients:

              Uniformed Officer

              Experience a level of security and comfort from PSA you will not find from any other security provider. PSA can provide a variety of levels and types of security to all manner of businesses. Highly qualified, motivated security professionals represent our firm with respect and integrity. We constantly are sensitive to the needs of every customer. Through rigorous selection, extensive training, and careful leadership and management of our officers, we provide an unsurpassed level of customer care and attention to detail. We strive to create long enduring partnerships with local customers, and to create a new model of what private security should be in our current business climate.

              Vehicle Patrols

              We specialize in Marked Vehicle Patrols. Our Patrols have been proven to reduce crime, and our Patrol Officers are trained to act appropriately to a wide variety of possible emergency situations. We have foiled numerous plots and crimes against our clientele, and have effected the arrests of wanted felons and criminals. Keeping your business thriving is important to us. Responsiveness to customer needs is our top priority.

              CCTV Installation and Monitoring

              We stay at the forefront of technological advances in the security industry. Our technology professionals and security experts work together closely to provide businesses with layers of defense technology using camera analytics, advanced motion sensing, and real time scene analysis. You will be provided with a detailed recommendation and menu of CCTV cameras, DVRs and monitoring options to fit your needs. You will also have the option of having our Vehicle Patrol Response Team monitor your property and respond to intruders, alarms, and other emergencies that occur on your property after operating hours.

              24 Hour Dispatch

              When there is an intruder on your property, we are immediately notified by our alarm systems. Our officers are equipped to respond and often times will arrive before police. In some cases, there may be emergencies that occur on your property after operating hours. When the situation is under control or minor, our officers respond and take care of the paperwork for you, letting you rest easy at night. In the case of emergency, you will be notified by your preferred contact method. We believe the key to your security is planning. We will help you develop a response plan tailored to your business.

              Reception Ambassadors

              We provide professional and trusted Officers to businesses requiring Reception Ambassadors and Access Control. Our officers provide a customer service experience that you will not find from other security providers. Your patrons and employees will be greeted with a smile, and will know they work with a person they can count on.

              Loss Prevention

              Our Loss Prevention Officers are specifically trained and certified in the law and protocols regarding investigating and detaining suspected shoplifters with respect. Our Loss Prevention means more than only protection from shoplifters. We asses the security of your inventory and investigate any instances of theft. Our loss prevention team will create and periodically review a security plan for your business assets. Officers are certified in Loss Prevention Security and are able to work in plainclothes or in full uniform. We also offer a range of CCTVand surveillance options to protect your business from theft.

              If you are in Los Angeles, contact Protective Service Agency today to get the custom protection you need.

              Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Security Officer?

              Protective Service Agency provides specialized security officer training courses. We provide courses that can involve certifications and permits, including:

              • Guard Card - Power to Arrest
              • Exposed Firearm Permit
              • Lifesaver Medical - CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed
              • Pepper Spray Permit
              • And more

              To schedule a course or package, or to inquire about courses or packages not listed above, call now!

              Call Us: (310) 433-3251

              Get a Protective Services Officer in Los Angeles

              If you need security guard services in Southern California, such as mobile patrol, property surveillance, and CCTV monitoring, reach out to PSA Security to get professional, reliable security guards for your specific needs. We provide excellent commercial security services at competitive rates.

              We believe that even the most basic security measures have the power to save lives, so we offer everything from vehicle security patrols to CPR certification. Our #1 goal is to help keep people safe and healthy!


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