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As a security guard in Los Angeles, you may encounter dangerous situations including active shooter events where effective suppressive fire may not be enough. To take your training and skills to the next level, tactical medicine (TacMed) pistol training uses military knowledge of care under fire and tactical medical care in an austere environment. Not for the novice shooter, this class will teach you the art of combat shooting and emergency medical tactics. Our TacMed pistol course uses a combination of classroom and hands-on training to combine your weapon and medical skills. Feel more confident in your position.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of reactive pistol shooting

  • Close quarters weapon tactics

  • Care under fire

  • Reload drills

  • Immediate reaction drills

  • Shooting on the move

  • Alternate shooting positions

  • Multiple target engagement

  • Reacting to a medical emergency

  • Crisis intervention

How Our TacMed Course Will Prepare You

If you’re looking to attain additional training to take your skills to the next level and be more effective in a crisis, get the training you need from experienced professionals. At Protective Service Agency, we offer Veteran-led training from military and law enforcement officers that helps security guards protect themselves and those they serve. Here are just a few other reasons our TacMed pistol course in LA can help better prepare you.

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Care Under Fire

As a public servant, it may be difficult to recognize and fight your instincts to help rescue a downed casualty. By learning the basics of care under fire, you’ll be better equipped to respond to the life-threatening medical needs of casualties and respond to the hostile threat. For crisis intervention once the threat is neutralized, TacMed courses offer you training in:

  • Care under fire

  • Self-aid and buddy-aid

  • The use of tourniquets and improvised tourniquets

  • Use of hemostatic control agents

  • Wound packing

  • Shock prevention

  • Tactical medical methodology

  • When and how to care for others

Pistol Shooting

Beyond the basics of simply pointing and effectively firing your assigned weapon, our TacMed pistol course will offer you challenges and quick reaction drills that teach you to react immediately and accurately to mitigate threats while protecting bystanders. Close quarter and active shooter response requires some alternative methods and tactical knowledge not taught in basic security guard courses. Some of the weapons training in our TacMed pistol course includes:

  • Retention shooting

  • Reloading under fire

  • Extreme close shooting

  • Shoot/ no-shoot decision-making drills

  • Ambush reaction drills

  • Awkward shooting and alternative positions

  • Shooting on the move and with a casualty

  • Multiple target engagement

  • Shooting from cover

This course is not for the novice pistol carrier and is meant for those who are proficient with their weapons and have basic medical knowledge such as first aid, BLS, or Stop the Bleed certification.

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