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Access Control Security Solutions in Southern California

Post Security at Your Entry Point

The presence of an access control officer is usually enough of a deterrence for many potential criminals, which is why reception ambassadors offer the next level in protection for LA businesses. When you post a Protective Service Agency officer at your front lobby, it lets everyone know that you take security seriously. Our reception ambassadors are much more than ID checkers, and offer a wide range of services including first responder training, the ability to apprehend criminals, and a close relationship with LAPD. When security matters to your business, partner with the best.

If you are in Los Angeles or the surrounding Southern California area, and would like to learn more about our uniformed officer services, call now.

Our professional reception ambassadors provide:

  • Property Surveillance

  • Business Security

  • Uniformed Security Guards

  • Workplace Security

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Emergency Response

How Our Reception Ambassadors Can Help You

Security is a two-part element, one part technology and one part person. Where you have CCTV monitoring, alarm systems, and digital access control measures, you’ve got half your bases covered. The presence of a security guard who can observe and react offers an extra element of real security. What’s more, the security guards at PSA offer next-level customer service to represent your business with professionalism and charisma.

Our access control guards follow your protocols to ensure that only those who should access your business are able to. Each of our security officers are first responder trained and guard card certified. They are able to carry a weapon and apprehend would-be criminals until LAPD can be dispatched. Get more where it matters when you hire the best reception ambassadors Southern California has to offer.

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Businesses We Serve

  • Corporate Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Gated/Residential Communities
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals-Healthcare-Senior Living Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

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