Defensive firearm training- course fee: $175

6-hour course- Live Fire Range Training

This course is only for qualified shooters of intermediate experience who wish to learn proper draw techniques and defensive fighting tactics. It focuses on safety, marksmanship, operation, defensive mindset, use of force and laws. topics to be covered include:

Part I: Pistol/Rifle Fundamentals
Safety Procedures
Handgun/Rifle Operation
Shooting Fundamentals
Standby/Ready Position
Draw from Holster
Basic Marksmanship
Part II: Introduction to Defensive Shooting
Defensive Accuracy
Reloading Drills
Multiple Shots
Firearm Malfunctions / Stoppages
Concealment vs Cover
Moving While Shooting
Shooting from Cover
Part III: Defensive Mindset
Situational Awareness
Responding to Threat
Confronting the Intruder / Attacker
Utilization of Concealment / Cover
Shoot / No-Shoot Decision Making
Part IV: Firearms Laws
Use of Force / Self Defense
Legal Aftermath
Part V: Qualification


Course Fee does not cover ammunition or firearm rental fees*

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