Additional Calibers $25 each

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Are you tired of the boring refresher courses when you go to requalify? Want to take your firearms skills to the next level with engaging training? Our Refresher Courses for Firearms Requalifications emphasize on the necessary B.S.I.S. curriculum by providing reality-based training, and teaching skills that are not commonly taught in other security training schools. Call now to find out what is different about our training programs, and how we can help you take your skills to the next level with our hands-on and personal instruction.

Requalification is required twice a year: see schedule below


B.S.I.S. requires Security Officers with Exposed Firearm Permits to qualify two times per year in order for the permit to remain valid. The officer must qualify which each caliber on the Firearm Permit. After the officer has completed all four Refreshers and Requalifications over the two-year period, the officer can submit the Firearm Permit Renewal application along with the required fees and documents (LiveScan, Requalifications, etc.)

Total: $50-100 or more* including Course Fee, total dependent on number of calibers on permit and ammunition, targets, and range fees 

Course Fee is $50 for one caliber, other fees due to firing range for range fees, targets, ammunition, rental firearms, eye and ear protection, multiple calibers, etc.

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