Exposed firearm permit- Initial course fee: $175

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8-hour Classroom Training and 6-hour Range Training required to get your initial California Exposed Firearm Permit from B.S.I.S. to find employment as an Armed Security Officer B&P Code 7583.5

Are you learning from a competent Firearms Instructor? Many firearms training schools, particularly security training schools, teach outdated, ineffective, and dangerous shooting and drawing techniques, where the Instructors do not stay current with new and better shooting techniques, training aides, and do not have an extensive background in Firearms Instruction. Not only is this hazardous to the Officer, but it is even more hazardous to the people around a poorly trained Armed Officer. Do not  trust schools that teach the “cup and saucer” method of gripping your firearm, which is still suggested by some local B.S.I.S. approved training schools. Some schools do not care if you pass or fail their shooting tests, you will have to pay them anyway, and they put little emphasis on personal instruction. We provide each student with individual attention to analyze and strengthen their marksmanship skills, all while providing you with a professional and safe learning environment. You will feel confident in your skills and safe when you’re in the field.